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CreativeCMS blends the infinite capabilities of Wordpress with the intuitive ease-of-use of a cloud-based website builder. It delivers everything designers, developers and end-users should expect, streamlining the web design process and prioritising metrics and improvements over maintenance.

The challenges.

Managing the web design process.

The problem with this traditional workflow is that the entire website design must be signed off before development begins to avoid incurring unwanted development costs. 

In real life, clients reflect. They change their minds.

Managing multiple websites.

Managing multiple client websites is over complex and over reliant on outdated systems.

As a web designer you probably use different content management systems and add-ons for different types of site. Hosting and updating multiple Wordpress websites is incredibly fiddly. Your website portfolio ends up a mish-mash of sites, plug-ins and added-on tools, with no simple, central way to keep track of everything.


With all the functionality you need to build any website, plus full access to templates, CreativeCMS will never limit your clients' ambitions.


Centrally managed, cloud-based system with built-in metrics for websites that get results and are easy to measure, test and improve.


Move from single projects (design > develop > handover), to a constant iterative design process, putting editing powers into the hands of non-technical end-users.

We value.


Creative design, results and collaboration throughout the web design process. A collective tool that unleashes the creativity of your entire team.


We proudly and relentlessly automate and improve technology and workflow to solve challenges for web designers and agencies.


Our aim is to cut out unnecessary complexity, reducing web admin time and costs, and making it much easier to measure and improve the websites you manage.


Robots don't build websites, but if they did, they wouldn't use Wordpress. CreativeCMS is built around real people and real-life design and development challenges.

The founders of CreativeCMS

CreativeCMS was founded by Nick and Kevin, enthusiastic techies united by a simple aim — to help web designers and agencies save time and build better client relationships.

A long time ago they built own content management system and steadily built up an established website design business with the CMS at its heart.

As time went on they gathered more clients and found themselves held back by little edits and additions, changes businesses shouldn't have to pay someone else to do. These distractions kept Nick and Kevin from developing the CMS and getting better results for their clients.

They realised their CMS wasn't good enough yet. It needed to be intuitive to end users as well as accessible to developers. If they could do that, they had the beginnings of a revolution in web design.

Creative CMS is a flexible, stable and secure content management system that provides you and your team with the creative freedom and peace of mind to delight your customers time and time again.

Since then CreativeCMS has evolved into a system so versatile, so user friendly to designers, developers and businesses alike, that it will revolutionise how agencies and web designers build and manage multiple websites and work with their clients.